Distributed Ledger Solutions
for Small and Medium Enterprises.
Legally and Financially Compliant.

Gravity Solutions utilizes Gravity Protocol, graphene-based
Delegated Proof-of-Importance distributed network, that offers
development frameworks and Off-the-shelf software for SME.


Gravity Solution gives SME innovative payment and paper workflow tools to optimize energy-consuming, low-efficient processes and discover new opportunities for growing their business. Gravity Solutions Framework is a legally and financially compliant set of blockchain applications.

  • IPFS Module

    Tech Architecture

    Set of blockchain-based modules and components, including Authentication, Data Storage, Open API etc.

  • Ricardian Contracts

    Legal Architecture

    Bringing blockchain-powered business processes to real life using Ricardian contracts that define elements of a legal agreement expressible and executable in software.

  • KYC Storage

    Financial Architecture

    Simple and seamlessly integrated financial ecosystem based on payment gateways, stable coins and banking solutions to introduce the non-crypto world to blockchain.

Explore Gravity Protocol's Testnet

We invite all developers and blockchain enthusiasts to try and bring the network to a halt, thereby helping us improve Gravity Protocol while we are testing it.

If you want to become a witness, you can also run a node.
If you are just curious to find out what Gravity Protocol is all about, we recommend to register your wallet and receive testnet coins from the Faucet from the start.

Test the Protocol

Join the public testnet and reap the rewards of doing so.


Gravity Protocol redefines the concept of blockchain economies via three economic principles:

  • Emission should depend on real
    economy (network) growth.

  • Active users should be rewarded.

Therefore Gravity Protocol economy is built on two pillars:

Network Activity Index

Emission ONLY happens when the network grows (new accounts, number of transactions, etc.) and according to the network growth index.

Where KE and KA are coefficients, ƒ - sigmoidal function, A - network activity at a moment t, T - calculation timeframe.

Gravity Index

Emission is distributed among ALL the accounts according to the Index of Importance calculation, based on the combination of stake and activity.

Where Vi is the stake volume index, πi is the activity rating calculated with the NCDawareRank algorithm, ω — the weight coefficient, Xi – the account vertex graph position modifier (1 when the vertex belongs to a cluster and 0.9 when the vertex is a hub or an independent vertex).

Gravity Wallet

Highly secure wallet for ZGV and custom token storage, and for taking part in network governance through voting.

Online Client beta


Gravity Protocol development step by step.

Discover the Roadmap