Distributed Ledger Solutions
for Small and Medium Enterprises.
Legally and Financially Compliant.

Gravity Solutions utilizes Gravity Protocol, graphene-based
Delegated Proof-of-Importance distributed network, that offers
development frameworks and Off-the-shelf software for SME.


Gravity Solution gives SME innovative payment and paper workflow tools to optimize energy-consuming, low-efficient processes and discover new opportunities for growing their business. Gravity Solutions Framework is a legally and financially compliant set of blockchain applications.

  • IPFS Module

    Tech Architecture

    Set of blockchain-based modules and components, including Authentication, Data Storage, Open API etc.

  • Ricardian Contracts

    Legal Architecture

    Bringing blockchain-powered business processes to real life using Ricardian contracts that define elements of a legal agreement expressible and executable in software.

  • KYC Storage

    Financial Architecture

    Simple and seamlessly integrated financial ecosystem based on payment gateways, stable coins and banking solutions to introduce the non-crypto world to blockchain.


Gravity Protocol redefines the concept of blockchain economies via three economic principles:

  • Emission should depend on real
    economy (network) growth.

  • Active users should be rewarded.

Gravity Wallet

Highly secure wallet for ZGV and custom token storage, and for taking part in network governance through voting.

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