Gravity Protocol development step by step.

Business Roadmap
IT Roadmap
Go-To-Market Roadmap


Business Roadmap
Idea & Research

Q1 2018

Business Roadmap
Gravity Protocol Design
IT Roadmap
  • Delegated Proof-of-Importance Algorithm Design
  • Consensus Implementation
  • Internal Consensus Testing and Modeling

Q2 2018

Business Roadmap
Internal and external Protocol testing
IT Roadmap
  • Private Testnet
  • Public Testnet
  • Gravity wallet Web Client
Go-To-Market Roadmap
  • SME market analysis
  • Existing blockchain solutions analysis

Q3 2018

Business Roadmap
Implement Gravity Business Framework's (GBF) core functions
  • Smart contracts
  • Data Storage of participants/accounts activity
  • User authentication
  • OpenAPI access to GBF features
IT Roadmap
  • Stealth transactions
  • Turing Complete Smart Contracts
  • Data Storage Component
  • AUTH Component
  • Open API Component
  • User tokens
  • Desktop Client of Gravity wallet
Go-To-Market Roadmap
  • Gravity Factoring Application for SME (Specific Use Case: SaaS, factoring, etc.)
  • Modeling of unit economics for key markets

Q4 2018

Business Roadmap
GBF Enhancement
  • External KYC provider launch
  • Legal Standards for Smart Contracts
  • External Data Usage inside Gravity Ecosystem
IT Roadmap
  • Mainnet
  • Ricardian Module
  • Payment Gate Component
  • Oracle Component
  • Gravity Wallet Web Light Client
Go-To-Market Roadmap
  • Regular update of Value-based Solution functions
  • Testing of possible markets for GBF implementation
  • GBF market fit on local SME markets

1H 2019

Business Roadmap
First usage of GBF by SMEs, plus GBF functionality enhancement
  • DAO/DAC function
  • External Instrument Data for SMEs (RFID, IoT, etc.)
IT Roadmap
  • Governance module
  • M2M (machine-to-machine) information module
  • Decentralized exchange module
Go-To-Market Roadmap
  • Local teams building on key markets
  • Partners' conferences and events
  • Collection and analysis of feedback
  • Assistance in Partners’ projects preparation

2H 2019

Business Roadmap
Expansion into key markets (Europe, South America, SEA)
  • Legal validity for Extended GS Contracts on key markets
  • Technical and legal realization of Gravity Stable Coin
IT Roadmap
  • Range of front-end components for using GBF based on OpenAPI
  • Mobile App Client
  • Web Client for Business
Go-To-Market Roadmap
  • Gravity Solutions promotion on key markets
  • Trainings for independent software developers
  • Strategic partnership building


Business Roadmap
Monetization of Gravity Solutions
  • Implementation of big projects for core partners
  • Tailor-made products based on GBF
  • Commission for deposit/withdrawal of funds
IT Roadmap
  • Sidechains
  • Zero knowledge smart contracts and private transactions