Gravity Protocol is a distributed international team with the legal entity in Zug, Switzerland.

Yury Parsamov

CEO & Co-founder

Having a solid corporate and community-building background, Yury has created Cryptospase - the biggest Eastern European crypto-community and educational program with the blockchain events hosting up to 3 000 participants. Yury has worked as Head of Marketing for Kick, crowdfunding platform that has delivered all promised results in terms of business development. Being co-founder of Gravity, Yury is responsible for strategy and business development.

Dan Chestnykh


Dan has started as an independent enterpreneur, building several e-commerce startups such as ABC vitamin, Muse Media Distribution. Has entered blockchain industry by founding Smartonika, consulting agency, developing economic models for such projects as Ammbr, Paycent, Rightmesh. Being a part of Kickico, has designed the economic principles of Kick cryptocurrency in 2017, that made Kick on the most stable and steadily growing crypto assetts on the bearish market of 2018. Being Gravity's visionaire, Dan has designed DPOI, the brand new consensus algorithm, that redifines the principles of crypto economy, making it adoptable for the high-volatile markets.

Vladimir Pugachev

Chief Technology Officer

Vladimir joined Gravity after previously working in Business Intelligence, Data Mining, and OLAP implementation for leading retail companies such as Apple, Lego and Nike. Graduated from the Military Academy Strategic Rocket Troops and has Master degree in Information Security. He brings extensive operating experience as an author of original integration modules with IPFS and NoSQL storage, and as a developer of vertically and horizontally scaled blockchain architectures based on Bitshares, Graphene and EOS. His current work at Gravity focuses on protocol core development and blockchain solutions for enterprises. His research area includes activity calculations based on algorithms of reference ranking. He is the author of two patents in noise-proof signals processing.

Alexey Prokopov

Senior Research Fellow (area - mathematics)

Alexey is a Russian mathematician who graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University with a degree in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics. Alexey designed the protocol consensus algorithm and was involved in researching optimal parameters. His primary responsibility is the protocol's security and sustainability.

Anton Semakin

Core Developer

Anton is a programming language expert with a Masters degree in Computer Programming. Earlier, he worked as a systems developer and made a significant contribution to the creation of Wi-Fi analytics software for major retail companies. He brings a deep understanding of enterprises, IT infrastructure, economic safety, and information security.

Peter Kotegov

QA Engineer

Peter began his career as Software Analyst and worked on the integration of banking systems for managing operational risks, as well as a system which replaces financial reporting in accordance with IFRS standards. Peter has spent his last few years working with a leading developer company of computer law assistance systems, where he analyzed and processed large amounts of data from open sources. With his enthusiasm and interest in distributed systems, he quickly entered the blockchain industry and joined the Gravity Protocol team where he is currently working on testing the protocol's sustainability.

Pavel Ivanov

Senior Frontend Developer

Pavel works as a front-end developer focussing on building responsive websites across desktop, tablets and mobile devices. He has over 5 years experience in front-end development and apps.

Dmitry Postnikov

Core Developer

Dmitry studied Information systems and technologies, and is a programming language enthusiast with experience in creating software, in addition to search module (OPAC-search) development for automated information library systems.

Pavel Kosov

Head of UI/UX

Pavel graduated from the British Higher School of Art and Design. He has a degree in design management and is also an animation artist. He joined Gravity after 7 years of designing products for online services and actively contributes as a designer when needed at Gravity Protocol. His skill set has a strong emphasis on data visualization and interface design.

Vladimir Perednev

Strategic Partnerships

Vladimir brings his cross-border expertise and partnerships with internet startups and e-payments businesses to Gravity. Over his career, he has organized and managed local payout solutions for e-wallets in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and managed pay-in and payout solutions for Visa/MC, CUP and e-wallets. During his career, he has cooperated with WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex Money, Przelewy24, Neteller, Skrill, Astropay, CashU and other alternative payment solutions all over the globe.

Brendan Jensen

Community Manager

Brendan focuses on managing a community of talented content producers. He also works on developing a content marketing strategy that focuses on supporting the development and growth of blockchain-based Gravity infrastructure.

Petr @Xanoxt

Tech Community

Being among Bitshares early adopters, xanoxt has founded Rudex, one of the top Bitshares gateaways, in 2016. Petr has also created first Russian-language communities for Graphene, Bitshares and EOS. Petr focuses broadly on creating a culture of collaboration in decentralized projects to allow distributed organizations to provide blockchain-based solutions for SMEs, while leveraging the strengths of free software culture. He aims to advocate for a diverse community of blockchain enthusiasts and cryptographers.

Daria Kuznetsova

Product Manager

Daria has a degree in public administration and studied in China. She focuses on coordinating project activities and support progress in the Chinese blockchain space.

Daniyal Gadisov

Project Manager

Daniel is responsible for project management, with 2 years’ experience in the FMCG sector. He is well-versed in dealing with international marketing and sales campaigns.